Packaging Machines

Packaging perfection has never been simpler. Reduce line speed with Perpetual packaging equipment. Used in the carpet industry, Wide Width Wrapper quickly packages carpet rolls in preparation to be shipped. Benefiting the carpet, non-woven, and textile industries, Spiral Wrapping provides a simple solution to a range of packaging needs.

Sprial Wrapping – thin stretch film

Wrapping up to 50 rolls an hour; the Spiral Wrapper utilizes stretch film, which wraps a carpet in a spiral motion along its length, in an entirely automatic operation.

Performance Benefits:

  • One-person
  • Available in manual or automatic
  • Semi-automatic or manual roll dumping
  • Working wrap widths of 12’ to 16’
  • Uses a multitude of film widths – up to 36”
  • Handles roll diameters up to 54”
  • Handles roll weights up to 3,000 lbs.

Wide Width Wrapper – sheet film packaging

Dispenses polyethylene film automatically and wraps it around the carpet roll, sealing it with a heat seal bar. The extra length of film is tucked inside the core ends, providing a most impressive package.

Performance Benefits:

  • Automatically determines and selects size of film needed
  • Wraps a roll of carpet in 30 seconds
  • Most efficient use of plastic film

Automatic Stretch Film Station