Cut Length Machines

Setting the standards of technology innovations for the industry, Perpetual’s Cut Length Systems provide the most cost-effective cutting solutions available today. With several different models to choose from, ranging from 50 cuts per shift to 600 cuts per shift, Perpetual has a machine tailored to fit your needs.

Carpet Boss Roll Up
The original concept and design of the Carpet Boss Roll Up was developed several years ago. Since the development of the first machine the Carpet Boss has expanded into several different versions providing new technology and the introduction of different models. Today, the Carpet Boss series roll ups are used in all levels of carpet manufacturing and distribution.

Carpet Boss I
Designed with the retailer in mind, the Carpet Boss I is the basic cut length machine for products up to 15 feet in width. Various options are available to support the expanded needs of carpet cutting.

Carpet Boss II
A larger version of the Carpet Boss I with additional features and a higher performance.

Carpet Boss III
An enhanced carpet cutting system with higher production capabilities and various automatic features.

Carpet Boss IV (aka ‘The High Speed’ system)
A high performance cutting machine for the larger distribution and manufacturing facilities. The Carpet Boss IV includes many automated features and it rated for high production in a demanding environment.

Carpet Boss V (aka ‘The Roll Hog’ system)
The Carpet Boss V is a high-performance face in/face out carpet cutting and rolling system. Like the Carpet Boss IV, the ‘Roll Hog’ is a high performance, high production system.