Latex & Polyurethane Equipment

Through research and development, Perpetual has excelled at providing the most technologically advanced latex equipment in the industry. We provide custom designed systems to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our Latex equipment is built to specifications to precisely fit your desired application.

Direct Coat Applicator:
Used for applying latex to the primary of the carpet to maintain and improve tuft bind.

Secondary Applicator:
Used to apply latex to the secondary backing to maintain and improve delaminating. Our patented Tilotson Applicator is one.

Foam Machine:

The Perpetual Foam Machine is a combination of LESSCO and PERPETUALS commitment to foam machines built on Lessco’s and Perpetuals tried and proven technology, offering the very best in the industry. A variety of models to improve your productivity and efficiency. We can accommodate any customer’s needs by using different size components (Heads, Pumps Flow Meter, ect.) Our engineers can properly size a machine for your needs.

Performance Benefits:

  • Variety of models: from small volume production, utilizing a half-length head, to a 9-inch diameter round pinhead, to a 10-inch square pin version
  • Single or dual head units that can be the non-gel type or can be fitted with an injection port for adding a gelatin agent, coloring agent, or other substances
  • AC drive systems control the motors on the foam machine.
  • We have packages that can give complete control of the latex blending and frothing action using PLC’s and State of the art computers with a recipe database to control the application and flow. Our higher end systems also monitor puddle height and line speed to get the optimal performance.