Reliability is built-in… All Perpetual Machine systems are engineered for performance with built-in low maintenance features. All new equipment is provided with a limited warranty.

A complete inventory is maintained to provide a quick delivery of parts. We guarantee satisfaction on equipment and service.

Perpetual’s equipment is in motion throughout the carpet industry world-wide, providing greater efficiency through computerized automation and technology innovation. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific needs. Contact us for a free consultation with no obligation.

Cut Length Machines
Setting the standards of technology innovations for the industry, Perpetual’s Cut Length Systems provide the most cost-effective cutting solutions available today. With several different models to choose from, ranging from 50 cuts per shift to 600 cuts per shift, Perpetual has a machine tailored to fit your needs.

Cross Cutters and Slitters
Cutting across the width, a cross cutter offers exceptional accuracy that is essential in the textile industry. The self sharpening circular blade rotates as it moves down the cutting rack. A hold down guard covers the blade and keeps the material tight while cutting. Cutting lengthwise, a slitter has many applications such as rugs and samples. Perpetual blades provide longer blade life that reduces blade changes and increase efficiency.

Packaging Machines
Packaging perfection has never been simpler. Reduce line speed with perpetual packaging equipment. Used in the carpet industry, Wide Width Wrapper quickly packages carpet rolls in preparation to be shipped. Benefiting the carpet, non-woven, and textile industries, Spiral Wrapping provides a simple solution to a range of packaging needs.

Sample Equipment
Automatic Rug Roll Ups, Label Applicators, Plastic Dispensers, Controls, etc.

Get somewhere with automated conveyors. An essential in any industry. Perpetual conveyors can increase line speed. Weather used to move carpet from a roll-up machine to another area or to get your products across the whole warehouse, conveyors play an important role in the overall processes of industry.

Roll-Up Systems
We have completely redesigned this self powered rolling system, which takes the carpet and rerolls it evenly. The system can be hydraulically or electrically operated to accommodate 56”- diameter rolls, handling all pile heights and carpet backing types.

Latex & Polyurethane Equipment
Through research and development, Perpetual has excelled at providing the most technologically advanced latex equipment in the industry. We provide custom designed systems to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our Latex equipment is built to specifications to precisely fit your desired application.

Two roll guiders and Larger Steering Assemblies for guiding webs, or belts via edges or centerlines.

Electrical Control Systems
By utilizing lasers and bar coding, the ICC-E control unit directs and monitors the cut order system. It compares and collects data, and communicates through the PLC to the mainframe computer. Inventory is updated, carpet rolls are tracked, defects reported, labels printed and reports generated.